Tube Bundles

A tube bundle is a densely packed collection of pipes used as a radiation core in heat exchangers. These pipe groups are typically housed in a tubular shell or outer housing with a constant flow of water moving through it. When hot liquids or gases are circulated through the tube bundle, the large combined surface area of the tubes allows for efficient transfer of heat into the shell water and cooling of the fluids in the tubes. Depending on the use Tube Bundles vary from small lengths and few tube to very big lengths and even hundreds of tubes.

Our company has the capabilities and experience to execute equipment such as Heat Exchangers with all the composing parts like Tube Bundles, Tube Shell, Tube Sheets, Baffles etc.

Common types of Tube Bundles: Straight Tube Bundle and U Type Tube Bundle
Common types of Coils: Helical coils, Tapered and flat spiral coils, Reciprocating (serpentine) coils , Half-pipe coils etc.

Manufacturing of heat exchangers
  • Execution of tube sheets and shells
  • Execution of separators (baffles)
  • Execution of flanges
  • Assembly of head(s) and other parts
  • Mounting of the tube bundle by welding or tube-expanders
  • Assembly on-site (mounting in instalation)
  • Maintenance and repairs

Other types of heat transfer equipment that can be manufactured by our company include Condensers, Heaters, Coolers, Reactors and other.

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